Long Island Therapy with a New York Psychotherapist

levine_7b copyPerhaps you are searching for Therapy on Long Island for:

  • couples counseling or marriage counseling for troubles in your relationship
  • you are having a hard time meeting the right person for a relationship
  • maybe you want to get to the next level in your current relationship
  • could be your relationship with yourself is off…you don't like yourself, you have addictions or are having emotional troubles like depression or anxiety
  • then maybe things aren't so bad and you just want some education or information from our free resources section to help you out.

Well, you have come to the right place for Long Island Therapy information if the above items fit for you.

Odds are, you've already tried multiple tactics to deal with your issues like:

  • trying to get your partner to listen to you without success
  • read bestselling books about how to help with your issues with little result
  • asked well meaning family or friends for advice
  • maybe you even tried therapy on Long Island with another New York psychotherapist but didn’t see the improvements you had hoped for.

School prepares few people for building successful relationships, raising a family or in creating and maintaining emotional well being. Even general practice therapists well versed in individual psychotherapy often lack advanced training in couples counseling.

Without the proper skills, techniques and knowledge base, it is really hard to gracefully manage problems in intimate relationships, whether those problems involve sensitive sexual issues, parenting issues or ridiculous fights about whose turn it is to do the dishes!

Long Island Therapy That Really Works

I am a licensed New York Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in counseling specifically for relationships. I utilize a broad range of well designed techniques developed by leading researchers in the field marital therapy as well as from my own experience working with couples for the past 15 years. I’ve seen tremendous changes shared among clients I know through my practice in New York and California as well as in my own marriage and family here on Long Island.

I am licensed by the state and my background is diverse. It includes training in Family Systems and communication, Body Centered Psychotherapy and Intersubjective Psychotherapy, also known as Relational Therapy which is a fancy way of saying I have advanced training that can make a difference for you!